Keith James Family Fundraiser & Golf Tournament Keith James Family Fundraiser & Golf Tournament Keith James Family Fundraiser & Golf Tournament Keith James Family Fundraiser & Golf Tournament

In late August of 2013, our friend Keith James lost his battle with ALS. It was a difficult journey, which he faced with courage, humility and always a smile. The support of friends from Brookfield and beyond kept him strong – the love and laughter he shared with everyone brought him much joy.

It is now 2014, and the Keith James Family Fundraiser is in its seventh year. The fundraiser has always been a great success. Those who have participated over the years had the opportunity to make new friends, strengthen old relationships and most importantly come together to accomplish something amazing.

This year, as we celebrate Keith’s life, we are offering a way to spread the collective goodwill to benefit new charities in addition to the ALS Association. We will never forget the origins of the KJFF but we, including Keith’s family, are aware that there are many in need so in light of this we have created a 3-bucket approach to giving. At the tournament there will be 3 buckets, each representing a different value and cause which are meaningful to Keith’s legacy. Each player will get 3 golf tees to place into the bucket(s) of his/her choice, indicating which charity or cause they would like their donation to support.

We look forward to seeing you in 2014 and thank you for your continued support!



Keith was a very active supporter of the ALS Association. He was committed to raising awareness about ALS and used every opportunity offered to him to do so. We will continue Keith’s mission and support the ALS Association who’s community outreach programs are invaluable to patients and their families navigating this horrible disease. Their determination to finding a cure is unstoppable.


Keith showed compassion for others from the get go, he had a lifetime full of sincere and kind acts that benefitted others. Keith especially understood the importance of supporting individuals and their families whose lives have been profoundly altered by illness or injury. Gifts to this bucket will support multiple charities which will help those in need. These charities will be announced at the tournament.


Through this experience we have been reminded how important strong communities are. In recognition of the strength, love and generosity of the Brookfield community we would like to create a college scholarship recognizing a Brookfield High School student who has exemplified community spirit and/or compassion for others in his community.